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Portable email client

Опубликовано: 05.05.2017

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Email client software allows you to easily check all your emails from multiple email accounts by automatically downloading them to your computer via POP3 or IMAP protocol. It also allows you to send out emails by just launching the program without going through your web browser and manually logging in. Another advantage in using an email client software is you are able to access the downloaded emails and view them in offline mode which is very useful if you do not have an Internet connection at that time.

There are quite a few email client software and Microsoft Outlook which comes together with Microsoft Office is one of the most used email clients in corporate environments due to its powerful features. As for Windows users, they are able to download and use the Windows Live Mail provided by Microsoft for free which replaces the old Outlook Express. Although there are many advantages in using an email client software, they are however tied to the computer that you installed to. This limits the user from being able to manage their emails when their computer is not with them.

To solve this problem, you can opt for a portable email client software that can be installed to USB flash drives and doesn’t install or drop any files to other locations on the hard drive other than the program’s folder. So all you need to do is carry the USB flash drive containing your portable email client software and you are able to check and send emails from any computer. Other than that, having a portable email client software on a USB flash drive also keeps your email account safe from malicious software harvesting your email account’s username and password. Here are a list of portable email client software that are still being maintained and updated: 1. Portable Мозилла Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a popular email client software by Мозилла, the same company that develops one of the most used web browser today called Firefox. It supports plugins and extensions which allows you to add more custom features to the email program. Мозилла Thunderbird is free and highly recommended but do take note that the portable email client version is not officially released by Мозилла.

2. Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is one of the oldest email client that is still being maintained today. The installer by default extracts the program to C: PMAIL but it is in fact portable where the whole folder can be copied to another location such as the USB flash drive. Just make sure that the “roaming mode” is checked during installation. Pegasus Mail is free.

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